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Release Day that went wrong…

One day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when an author I’d seen around, but never read, was going live. I clicked to see what it was about. She was in the process of waiting for another author to connect with her.

They were Chantelle Atkins and Sim Alec Sanford. The latter, I hadn’t crossed paths with before. I listened to them chat and it was fascinating to learn how they had written a book together.

Just for being there, I won a copy of the first, Hangman’s Revenge. It turned out to be a very exciting Young Adult read, meaning the main protagonists were teenagers. This is not my usual type, but I loved it. I went straight on to the second book Project Pandora, and had to wait for the third, Days Ends, which I’d preordered. It should have landed in my Kindle, but didn’t.

It was only when I saw a Facebook post, I saw Amason had deleted all their preorders. That was disappointing for the authors. So, to help with sales of this brilliant series, I’m reblogging this.

And look out for a future post titled ‘how not to launch a book’! Life has other plans, right? Life gets in the way. Today was meant to be a big day …

Fortune’s Well Book 3: Days End released today!!

As a side note, all book are just 99p. That is a standard price. A book can take almost a year to write. A lot of work goes into it, and they are worth five times that at least. No other handmade product is sold at price that is less than the cost of the work and materials. It’s a good job authors write for their love of it. You can help by purchasing all three books or reading through KindleUnlimited.

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