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Book Review – Project Pandora by Chantelle Atkins and Sim Alec Sansford

Where did I find it: it’s the second book of the Fortunes’s Well series. That’s the name of the town the book is set in.

What I liked: that the two main characters had mysterious powers that would help them fight the bad guys. The fact we didn’t know who they were was terrifying for JJ and Darcie, and intriguing for me as the reader,

What I didn’t like: that the lady from child services removed JJ from his home and placed him in foster care. The new parents didn’t treat him well. They weren’t cruel, just indifferent. That was sad, although crucial for the story.

Overall: again, I loved it. The twist of the ghost from the past mentioned in the description was clever. JJ being held against his will, and the emergence of his true powers made this story fascinating and captivating. This is a superb series with splendid characters. I’m thrilled to hear a third book is coming soon.

This book is part of an exciting series.

Fortunes Well

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