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Book Review Hangman’s Revenge by Chantelle Atkins and Sim Alec Sanford

Where did I find it: I won it from Chantelle Atkins.

What I liked: that each of the authors wrote one of the main characters, and it was seamless. I couldn’t tell who wrote what, which is as it should be. Because I won it, I hadn’t read the description, so didn’t know what it was about. Following the authors on Facebook, Chantelle, and Sim Alec Sansford was enough to sell it to me. With two engaging teenagers main characters, the story unfolded normally before a scary dark, twist happened. I love the unexpected.

What I didn’t like: the bullying. JJ, the main character is bullied by boys at school. Picking on someone because they are different is a vile thing to do. In this story, it was handled well, and yes, sometimes revenge does give a sense of relief. However, I knew there was something more going on, and there was. What a page-turner!

Overall: I loved it. The story is really well put together and it makes a change for me as a reader to become a teenager again, where we don’t understand adults. Neither do they understand the teenagers. The parents are so wrapped up in their own lives, they don’t see what’s happening with their children. This young adult novel will be enjoyed by everyone who enjoys dark, mysterious, stories.

This book is part of a two-book series.

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