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Book Review of Welcome to Denver Falls

Where did I find it: having read Hangman’s Revenge and Project Pandora written co authored by Sim Alec Sanford, I wanted to read one of his stories.

What I liked: the imagination of the author. This is a well constructed story with some great characters. I liked how the author imagined such a dark side with the just right amount of mystery and intrigue. It’s good to be surprised with a storyline and I hadn’t expected a bit of supernatural too. All is not it what it seems in Denver Falls, which makes a great premise for a story.

What I didn’t like: I found it a little odd that a seventeen-year-old girl would take such risks as to run into the unknown at night. Especially when she knew something strange was going on. The storyline had a few unanswered questions, and it’s likely these will be answered in the second book.

Overall: it was a good young adult. They will love this adventure and the endearing Harper with her mysterious past.

These are some of the authors other books.

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