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Book Review of Days End by Chantelle Atkins and Sim Alec Sansford

Where did I find it: I won the first book from the author, and after reading it, went straight onto the second. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the publication of this third instalment.

What I liked: the well loved characters. It was like putting on a familiar and comfortable jumper. I really enjoyed being around them again. JJ Carson and Darcie are such great people, and this story perfectly takes you into their world once more. There is such a lot to enjoy as the teenagers deal with different situations. They have super powers which they are honing and perfecting. There is also a new character whose power is something very different. I loved the gradual building of tension that led up to the ending, and wow, what an explosive finish!

What I didn’t like: there was nothing that I didn’t like, except for the end where I was left wondering. It’s not a cliff hanger as such. Everything is resolved, but there is this question mark. Could there be another book? I hope so.

Overall: the trilogy is vastly enjoyable. It’s a young adult story, but what a punch! It can be thoroughly enjoyed by all ages. There is no sex, drugs, or roll n roll, just a powerfully engaging, and darkly entertaining storyline. I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading.

A Three Book Series.

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