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I’d Forgotten About That

For those that know me will hear that said frequently. For the last few months my memory has become worse. I wondered if it was an age thing. Now in my sixties age is a factor that has to be taken into consideration. I can’t do the same things as I did in my thirties and forties. Occasionally I’ll even wonder if it’s the onset of dementia. That starts off small, hardly noticeable, until it worsens.

It is said that the elderly, of which I’m not, will remember things from years ago, just not from last week. Yet, that does describe me.

Yes, I do think it is partly an age thing, but another part of me suggests it could be the creative in me. My brain is constantly full of new ideas to try.

Yesterday I went to a friend’s house to make some greeting cards. She is far more experienced than I am and showed me new techniques. All enthused, I returned home to try them out. Then I forgot one small element and rather than ask her, I thought I’d go on to YouTube and ask the question.

Well, there is a wealth of exciting card making videos there. As I’m retired I have a lot time. I can’t wait to get going and find new ideas.

But, I’m a writer. I have a chapter of a new book to write, and I’m expecting edits from two other books to be returned to me shortly. I’ve almost completed a crochet cushion cover, while my mind is racing onto the next project. I’ve just abandoned a cross stitch birth sampler because I wasn’t enjoying it and now thinking of ideas of what to do instead.

I’m an eclectic collector of hobbies. Those are just a few of them, apart from the writing which is more of a business these days.

So is it any wonder I forget things? It’s why most days I awake enthused and excited to try some new project, or finish the one I’m doing, and always to read a great book.

The Killer on the Heath was the last book I had published. I’m currently working on the next story which is called The Sound of Evil.

Visit the book page where you can read the first chapter of The Killer on the Heath

This is one of the many cross stitch samplers, I do.

I made this a while ago whilst teaching myself to crochet, all through a Youtube video.

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