Cult of Dracula #6 by Rich Davis

Karen’s Magic Review

Here we have finally reached the last book of series. At the start of this journey, I wanted to broaden my horizons and read something different. I have achieved that.

In the pictures telling stories, I have included a picture of the author Rich Davis. He deserves to be there, too. The top line is self explanatory: the full series. Down on the left I had to include a scene from book #six. Below that, I wanted to show a vivid picture to represent the wonderfully bright illustrations.

All through I have enjoyed the drawings, immersed myself in the expressions on the characters faces, and have been wowed by the colours. This last book was the pinnacle, the one at the top that surpassed itself and the others with its illustrations.

Am I a convert to these type of graphic books? No. By this stage, I couldn’t connect the story with the first couple of books and have no idea what happened or where the original characters were. Even as a standalone, I’m not sure I followed it exactly. Whether this was because it was told over six books, or just the lack of words to explain what was happening, and who was who.

If you follow my blog, you know how much I love book covers. The good ones inspire me, and invite me to step inside. Books 1 to 3 did nothing for me. Although four and five were a little better, number six was great, it’s vivid, bright and if it’s a genre you love, then it entices you in.

Stories are for everyone, and everyone loves a story. There are so many different kinds and this is just one of them.


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