Paranormal, Romance

Remember To Love Me by Becky Wright

Karen’s Magic Review

Remember to Love Me has a great storyline. Set in the modern day, it flicks to the past, to the ancestors of April, the main character.

Part of the story happens in the early 1900s and is skilfully written by the author, Becky Wright. Her descriptions had me seeing and understanding every detail. It was especially interesting to be able to visualise their clothing and furniture. At times, as I became lost in the words, I felt I was there experiencing it first hand, just like April.

The plot was an intriguing one, although at times it was a little confusing with the different viewpoints. There were also some aspects of the story that weren’t elaborated on. Such as James, we heard nothing more after he returned from the war.

Remember to Love Me, are words uttered by one of the characters. A perfect title for the book.

Overall, I really loved the story, especially when the secrets were finally revealed.


When death comes suddenly, and grief sits thick, secrets hide, and ghosts remain.

After moving back to her ancestral home with her parents, April finds more than just her beloved grandmother waiting for her. For more than a century, the rural Suffolk house has been waiting, guarding its secrets.

Discovering a lost photograph of a mysterious young woman, fate draws April deep into her family’s history and the life of her great-great-grandmother, Annabelle.

Through visions, dreams, and Annabelle’s diary, April finds grief, secrets and family loyalties that stretch beyond even love’s limits.

Piecing together memories and her connection to the past, April must unfold the mystery of her family legacy and lay the ghosts to rest.

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