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National Father in Law Day

My father in law passed away early 1983. I’d known him for five years. We had a great relationship. He was the biggest kidder going and I was young and naive.

In their caravan, they had a dried star fish and he told me it was in suspended animation and if put back into water, it would come alive. He took great pleasure in me muttering, ‘it’s cruel that,’ for the rest of the day.

Another time at Christmas, and I saw a bowl on the table and asked if it was bread sauce, my favourite. ‘Yes,’ he said. I took a large teaspoon and put it in my mouth. It nearly blew my head off, as it was horseradish.

He never saw me grow up, we never had the chance to deepen and develop our relationship and I was always sorry for that.

My husband had his father in law for thirty one years, and they got on really well. I envied that, but at the same time cherished the time I spent with Jack.

Here, he is teaching me to whittle.

You can learn a little about my dad before he became a father in law in My Two Dad’s posted on the Norns Triad Publications blog.

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