Erotica, Romance

The Rulebreaker by Claire Contreras

146 pages, Kindle Unlimited, New Adult Romance

Karen’s Magic Review

I debated whether to post this because I didn’t finish the book, and didn’t particularly enjoy it. But there are other reasons for posting this and giving it some blog time because it does deserve to be recommended.

I came across a video on Instagram where a reviewer enthused about how much she adored it. How it was the best thing ever, and she couldn’t get enough of it.

Loving stories as I do, I immediately downloaded it. Luckily it was in Kindle Unlimited, too.

I started off enjoying it as it was what I would call a fun read, a chick lit type. A girl who shares an apartment with two men, one of them, her best friend, and one the Cruz brothers mentioned in the description.

At this point I have to mention that this is book two of the Cruz Brothers series. There are three brothers, all hot hunks. Maverick is one and there seems to be a book for each.

Both characters, Rocky, a female, and Maverick had chapters from their points of view which, I’m not a great fan of. I prefer a little mystery between characters, where one can only guess what is going on in the other’s mind.

Because they had been friends since they were children, neither of them wanted to spoil the friendship they had by complicating it. Equally there were both attracted to each other. This attraction went on for several chapters, and I found that irritating. Eventually, they did get together, but by then I was bored with their antics, and lost interest in the story.

I found myself skimming pages, and I thought that as I was near the end, I would just look through so at least I would know where and how it ended. The 146 pages felt a lot longer and I couldn’t keep it up. So abandoned it.

This doesn’t mean it is a bad book or not worth reading. In fact, it is a great book, written very well, with good characterisation and storyline. There is nothing nicer than a good looking hot guy, and this series will, I expect, tell similar stories for each brother.

An awful lot of hard work goes into a writing a book, from putting pen to paper to working with an editor to bring the words alive. This book does all that, and different people like different things. Which means you may love this book, it might be the kind of thing you love, and when it is as well thought out as this is, what could be better?


Maverick Cruz and I started off as pen pals and became besties when we went to the same sports camp at age twelve. He rooted for me at my soccer games. I cheered for him at his hockey tournaments.

Through heartbreaks, new relationships, and failed friendships, we knew we could always count on each other. That’s why no one is more surprised–or panicked– than I am when I start to develop different feelings for him. But Instead of telling him the truth, I agree to help him find a girlfriend. Someone who is not me.

Someone who is so opposite of me that I have to make a list for the charade. The problem is, he wants to practice his dating skills with me. The corny pickup lines, the hand-holding, the door opening, the staring. Before this, I thought sharing a house with him was an excellent idea. Who wouldn’t want to room with their best friend?

Now, the close proximity is killing me. What’s worse is that I can’t stop looking at him like he’s a Greek god, and he can’t stop seeing me as his virginal little sister. Still, I push it aside, until one night, when he’s lying beside me in bed and I’m the one who forgets the rules and crosses the line between friends and something more. It’s a horrible idea. He’s a player. I’m a virgin. Yet, I can’t seem to stop myself. New item on my list: DO NOT FALL FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND.

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