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An Authors Tale to writing ‘If Only You Knew’

Following the untimely passing of her godmother, Laura finds herself the benefactor of a picturesque seaside B&B.

She’s soon plunged into the life of hospitality, catering for the needs of her eclectic guests, with help from her vibrant and fun-loving friend, Amy. 
However, the cosy seaside lifestyle she hopes for is soon dominated by her mischievous pup, an unwelcome ex-boyfriend, seaside storms and the search for long-lost family. 

If her new life isn’t challenging enough, she also has a battle on her hands against her own emotions, as the brooding, handsome village vet upsets her cosy applecart.

by Louise Mercer Ever since being a little girl, I have always wrote short stories. More to humour myself than anything else. Despite reading large …. An Authors Tale to writing ‘If Only You Knew’

I read this book and reviewed it here, it was such a great story. You can read my review here.

It is very interesting to read how an author comes up with a story and what their writing process is. Here Louise’s tells us her writing journey.

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