Unlawful by T. L. Wainwright

Protecting the teenage sister of the one person who could ruin the safeguard of the Young Outlaws MC was never something Colt (Cannon) Gunner had expected to take to church. But when it’s vital to the survival of the club, then Cannon would make sure that it was settled with the crash of the gavel.
The last thing he’d expected was to have a crazy connection with the too young, too pretty, feisty blonde woman that they were tasked to keep safe. The more he tries to deny his craving for her the more he seems to be drawn in.
Being a 1%er may make you an outlaw but committing a crime with her just couldn’t happen. 
That would be UNLAWFUL.

This book is a romantic suspense, forbidden love and contains dark elements. Reader discretion is advised.

Even with the prospect of doing prison time hanging over his head, and trouble brewing within the motorcycle club he grew up in, Wesson (Mammoth) Gunner has only one thing on his mind.
Dana Donovan.

With her quirky, unconventional looks, she is a distraction that the Road Captain of the Young Outlaws doesn’t need.

Despite a friendship between a biker and a teenage girl being ludicrous, not to mention unorthodox, when Wesson receives her cry for help he’s unable to walk away.

Being a 1%er and breaking the law is nothing new. But when you’re accused of a crime that you didn’t commit; all you want is JUSTICE.

This book is a romantic suspense, forbidden love and contains dark elements. Reader discretion is advised.
BOOK 2 OF A 3 PART SERIES – Book 1 – UNLAWFUL should be read first.

Karen’s Review

I came across the second book, Justice on Facebook. It caught my attention because I had read one of T. L. Wainwright’s books before. That one was called My Sweet Gi, and I read and reviewed some time ago. It was one of those that stay in your mind, so I remembered it well. When I saw justice by the same author and read the description, it piqued my interest.

I much prefer to read books in order, and the description mentioned they should be. So I downloaded Unlawful first. I really enjoyed it. The story was well written and the main character, Cannon was rough, tough, and downright dirty! It was on Kindle Unlimited, so I could download it for free. The other thing I liked is that it is a quick and satisfying read at just 122 pages.

Immediately, I wanted the second book, which is another quick read at 133 pages, but it isn’t out until 30th September, and as I am not buying any more books, I didn’t pre-order it. I hope that it is realised on KU as well. I also joined her Facebook page as it is always interesting to follow an author you like.

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