Today is……

Today is Valley Needle Crafters Club, which wouldn’t mean anything to you. To me, Thursday is the day I travel to the next village and go into the church hall where I meet with up to a dozen friends. We sit around a large table and chat as we craft. I mainly cross stitch, some crochet, some knit, in fact anything goes. You can do what ever craft you want.

Since the pandemic, we haven’t met since the beginning of March, and it it is now the beginning of October. I miss my weekly friends. I miss having a purpose and to be social with people I care about.

I also attend the WI, (Women’s Institute). It’s a difference bunch of friends. We generally have a speaker, then tea and biscuits, even cake, sometimes, as sit around a table to chat and catch up, and see how everyone is doing.

This is not just me, of course, the Corona Virus Pandemic has stopped all gatherings of any kind. That means you will be missing yours too. You might go to a football match at a weekend, or to the pub to meet your friends and chat about the week.

We are all missing those special people that keep our life ticking along nicely. But in order to do that we have to fight the virus first. So stay well and stay alive.

This is dedicated to all the friends you are missing, and to all the social events you have missed. One day, we will meet again……..

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