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Are you a Book Lover?

As you know, this blog loves books and especially the Electric Eclectic brand of books.

There are different ways you can find them. Here on Goodreads or by putting Electric Eclectic Books into the search bar. Don’t forget to add them to your To Read shelf.

Or here on Amazon or by using the search box, but the best place to see the books is on the website where there is a lot more information.

Haven’t come across Electric Eclectic yet?  They are novelettes by variety of authors and all different genres. So there is bound to be one just for you. All the books are $1/£1 and 1 Euro – cheaper than your average coffee.

They are a good way of finding new authors and better still, aimed right at you should you love reading but rarely have enough time.

Also pop over to the website to see how you can win. It’s simple as all you need to do is read and review.



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