Other People’s Children, My Life and Family by Mavis Humby

Mavis Kindle CoverGenre: Memoirs


Being the middle child of middle class parents, Mavis talks about growing up in the 1950’s and of her siblings, her parents and the man she finally marries.

In raising her own children, Mavis comes across many who did not have the same oppurtunities, leading to her becoming a foster carer.

She tells how she won Mum In A Million, an award making her feel like a minor celebrity, appearing in local papers and on television.

**A delightful book told in Mavis’s own words, about what it is like looking after other people’s children and introducing them to a life of love and understanding.**

She also talks fondly about her pets, including the cat that went missing and returned months later and the nanny goat who butted and smashed the patio door.

Her stories will leave you laughing or fighting back the tears.

Karen’s Magic Review

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this book as Mavis Humby is my mum’s sister. Both Mum and Mavis were foster parent’s except Mavis took pen to paper and wrote about her experiences as a foster carer. As in life, some stories are tragic, some happy, and all of it interesting and inspiring.

Mavis starts by telling her her early life, growing up in the forties and fifties, right through to meeting her husband. She pays homage to her sister, my mum, who is no longer with us, and how Kathleen was a great influence on her life.

Mavis won Mum in a Million, which resulted in prize giving ceremonies as she progressed through the heats. Eventually, when she won Mavis tells us what it was like going to  Buckingham Palace.

Mavis eventually became a support worker, helping parents and families with their children. She met people from all walks of life and was able to pass on her knowledge to help them with the basic skills of parenting.

The book also contains many interesting stories about pets and animals including the cat that went missing and the numerous goats. Indeed, I recall taking my then boyfriend to visit. Mavis arrived, and in the back seat of her car were two nanny goats standing in the back seat. He was alarmed and I assured him it was quite normal.

In her book Other People’s Children, My life and Family, Mavis bares it all. She will having you laughing and crying together.

It’s available as an eBook, paperback in Kindle Unlimited.



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