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We survived Halloween!

Listening to the radio this morning they were again talking about dressing up and parties. Every year it seems to get bigger.

As a child, we didn’t celebrate it and neither did anyone else. Although my husband said he would go to his aunties and she would play dunking apples with them. My children didn’t celebrate it either, although it started to become a ‘thing’ by the time they reached their teenage years.

Many of our holidays have origins in Pagan traditions. Halloween is no different. Julie Northup writes an interesting post. Pop over and give it a read by clicking here.

I hate having people knocking at the door all night. I’ve given out sweets, wore a witches hat, and got in the spirit, but the point is it’s a party I never wanted to attend. We should all have the choice, right?

Because we have two dogs, it’s a nightmare. They bark every time the door goes. The little one has to be shut in the lounge before we can answer. This year we put a fun notice on the gate and a box of bagged sweets so they could help themselves. By mid evening, they had all gone and the evening passed uneventfully.

3 thoughts on “We survived Halloween!”

  1. Here in the US, the kids are told never to approach a house with no porch lights on. That means they don’t want to participate. Not sure why you can’t do the same thing.


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