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It’s going dark!

The last Saturday in October our clocks went back one hour. When I was younger it was always difficult to remember, but not anymore. Since we’ve all learnt that certain countries call the Autumn Fall, we can now align it with the seasons and thus making it easier to remember.

Fall back and Spring forward

For other countries today is the day they make the change.

Lean more about daylight saving times here

Like Mother’s Day, we celebrate it in March and US have theirs in May. They have Thanksgiving, we have Bonfire Night and Boxing Day.

Like my article recently about the US tradition of Halloween now adopted here. It’s also important for us all to keep our own identities. It what makes us unique, not just as nations, but as individuals. It’s also what keeps life interesting to see those differences ourselves, and to enjoy other cultures.

Darker nights for me means cosying up in front of the fire with a good book and the aroma of candles. What about you? Do you enjoy it, or wish they’d leave the clocks alone?

This is what I am reading at the moment. It’s the second of a series and the author will probably go on to write more books in the Dark Dreams Collection. Click on the image to read more about it.

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