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The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley, a book review

Fiction mash-up – Arthurian Fantasy – Mystery 315 pages. Kindle Unlimited

Pictures Telling Stories

The psychic Institute shown in the first picture is where Ruth works and just above her is Arthur. They go for a holiday and stay at the inn pictured, where some funny things happen. Funny as in humorous because Arthur is a very amusing guy.

They meet the locals and even M16 crash party with all sorts going on. The lake in the next picture leads into the sea and Arthur has a fishing bet with guys from the pub. By the lake is the cave, and that is the most interesting place of all.

What happens in and around is nothing short of brilliant. You do need to read this story!

Karen’s Magic Review

This book was not what I thought it would be at all. I am trying to read things that don’t automatically appeal to me, usually because of genre. This seemed to say science fiction/fantasy and maybe historical.

It starts off in a third person, present tense, point of view, which I found awkward. Then it turned to first person, present sense, which took up most of the story. I found this much easier to read. At times, for the odd scene it went back to third person again, and it was fine, perhaps I had got used to it by then. I do enjoy stories that give a different perspective. Creative writing tutors once frowned upon students mixing viewpoints. Done properly, as in this case, it works perfectly well.

Arthur, the main character, is the first-person viewpoint, and basically his story. I took an instant dislike to him. Arrogant? Extremely. He was so full of himself; it was easy to dislike him. Not the usual reaction to start a book.

However, once we move into Arthur’s head, things changed. I began to understand why he was that way, and of course, the arrogance didn’t through as the story was told by him. Slowly I warmed to him, and soon he became the main character you fall in love with. Huh? – How did that happen?

Apart from Arthur being telepathic, and having a few other quirky powers, the story was from the modern day. Not something I wasn’t expecting. Partway through, I remembered the book cover and the title and wondered where the sword came into it. Indeed, where was the science fiction side of the story? At one point I thought we would travel in time, but it didn’t. It really did keep me guessing.

The genre for the book doesn’t say mystery, but there was a mystery and it was this that made it so intriguing. What unfolded was a brilliant storyline. I have never read anything like it as my jaw dropped, devouring every word of this extraordinary journey to get to the truth.

The plot is ingenious, I can honestly say I have never read anything like it before. My imagination was well and truly captured. Then, just when you think the mystery is solved, the story switches back to the third person’s, point of view finishes in a way I didn’t expect. Yet another twist that tied up the ends, leaving one satisfied reader here.


His superpowers made him invincible.

Or so he thought.  

Ever since his head injury, Arthur has become fearless – arrogant even.     

The CIA?  FBI? 

He laughed in their faces and teleported half-way around the world.  To England, of all places.  The Institute of Psychic Research, to be exact.  One of the doctors there sets his heart throbbing.   

Ruth Burns is a feisty red head who wants nothing to do with the obnoxious American.  However, her boss, and his colleague, Commander Dobie, have other ideas.   They devise a plan to use her to control Arthur and his abilities.  

Tired of Dobie’s bureaucratic nonsense, Arthur teleports to the countryside with Ruth by his side.  They end up at Lake George.  A place where Ruth previously had a horrifying encounter with The Lady of Lake and the legendary sword, Excalibur.  

When Arthur gets mentally scanned by something Metal, Alive, Not Moving, he is compelled to hunt for the infamous pair.  Suddenly, their trip turns into a military expedition and they realize there are more secrets hidden beneath the dark waters than anyone imagined.   

And to top it off, unknown forces are causing Arthur’s powers to go wonky.  He’s losing control.  Fear has become the order of the day. 

Will Arthur be able to recover his abilities in time to prevent WWIII?  His next move may determine the fate of the world.  

You’ll love this snarky urban fantasy / sci-fi adventure because the twists, turns, and smoldering romance makes you want to keep turning the pages! 

Get it now.

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