January’s 99 and Free books

The first of a monthly feature where I hope you find one (or two) to read enjoy. Please also consider leaving a review where you bought it. If you are an author and would like your book featured in February, use the contact form.

When an obsessive admirer takes love to a whole new level, life takes a bizarre turn for 24-year old Lydia. She finds it difficult to adjust to and escape her new circumstances.

Her housemate Rob becomes more and more concerned about her when she does not return home from a night out with her friends and tries everything in his power to find out where she is.

Can Lydia escape the clutches of her obsessed admirer or will she be forced to adjust to living her life according to Sam’s beliefs and wishes?

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A Flash Of Horror is a collection of short and flash fiction from my two collections Heads & Tales and Undressed.
12 chilling and though-provoking tales that will stay with you for nights to come.

Are you ready to delve into the dark side?

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Cara had been writing romance since before the break-up of her relationship at college. Although only fairly successful, a chance encounter on her way home from a Book Signing was just what she needed.

Ewan had seen the blond beauty in her red Jaguar F-Type as he drove home from what had turned out to be a career changing day. He could still scarcely believe that he was the Super Bike World Champion but all that fled from his mind when he spotted her. He tried to forget her as they parted ways on the road, but it didn’t work and he had turned around hoping to chase her down. Seeing her parked in a lay-by was just the opportunity he needed to take the plunge.

However, both Cara and Ewan left their lay-by liaison only knowing each other’s first name. The next morning Cara had the advantage of seeing the sports news, but could she take the risk of getting back in touch with him? Would her fears from the past come back to haunt her? Was she just a brief distraction after an adrenaline fuelled day? 

Find out how things play out between Cara and Ewan, with a little help from both of their friends Tania and Grayson.

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Cassie Newbold has a gift, and she can talk to the dead, although they mostly talk to her. 

Her brother is police detective and is looking for a killer. Cassie tries to help and almost ends up a victim, too.

Pedro came to Cassie for help with his missing sister and she ends up falling for his good looks. The only thing she got wrong was his mother because she never figured him for a mummy’s boy.

Jess killed herself in the most terrible way and she took a secret with her. Her mum contacts Cassie to ask for help, but all is not what it seems.

A short read with a few touches of humour.
The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold is the first of three books.

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Unicorns aren’t real. Everyone knows that.

Mike doesn’t believe in them either. Why should he?

 Then, one day, a mysterious woman appears, riding on the back of a cat and declaring she’s the Keeper of the Unicorns.

What Unicorns?

As if that wasn’t looney enough, the cranky lady instructs Mike to tell her story to the world.

 Baffled, the young man refuses. He’s not crazy, after all – or is he?

 Suddenly finding himself stuck in the worst nightmare imaginable, Mike is left wondering whether he’s even awake.

The monstrous cockroach crawling toward him sure looks real enough, but any rational person knows that’s impossible… right?

 How will he get out of this mess?

 Fans of Stephen King or Dean Koontz will enjoy this humorous dark fantasy short story.

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Multi-genre author Karen J Mossman, in conjunction of her website of the same name brings you a collection of short stories, poetry, flash fiction, shorts, novel, excerpts, and true stories.

Read about the day her dog went to school and the playground games popular in the 60s. She also frankly tells about the shock of losing both parents at the same time.
We jump to the future in a science fiction story and into the past with an eighteenth century tale story of a Duke and a Squire’s daughter.

Packed with forty-seven stories for your entertainment, which will be your favourite?

Free from 22nd Jan to Jan 26th 2021

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