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Have You Forgotten Anything?

Today is my mother’s birthday, albeit a heavenly one, as it has been for the last twelve years. It doesn’t stop me thinking of her and remembering how I would hightail across Manchester to spend the day with her. Mum and Dad had a second family. They adopted children who were only slightly younger than… Continue reading Have You Forgotten Anything?

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My Sister Far Away

The Magic of Stories is packed with tales divided into different genres. So there should a story for everybody. It wasn’t until I was putting the book together I realised all the poetry I’d included were simply stories in rhyme. In 1988, one of my sisters enlisted on an experimental cultural exchange programme sponsored by… Continue reading My Sister Far Away

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Days Like This

by Karen J Mossman My sister had just had a baby. It was 1999, and we had one of those new mobile landlines that didn't have an aerial on it. So I rang her, and we talked for a while. Later, I went shopping and came away with lots of things I hadn't intended to… Continue reading Days Like This

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Little Man, Big Man

In the eighties, my Mum told me this story about an incident that happened in her local market. She and dad were shopping in the food hall in Bury, Lancashire. She queued up, waiting for her turn, when a woman pushed in at the front. Nobody said a word instead, they just looked at each… Continue reading Little Man, Big Man