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Book Review of Pushing up Daisies by Katherine Hayton

Where did I find it: I saw the third book in the series reviewed on They are short reads, so I thought I’d jump into book one.

What I liked: that it was a good story all rolled into approximately ninety-three pages. Willow, the main character finds a body on her property. She then becomes involved in solving the case. I loved her group of friends. As this is the start of a series, these characters are ideal to feel comfortable with. They are kind-hearted people who care for and respect each other. Therefore when someone upsets their community they go all out to put it right, with Willow in the lead.

What I didn’t like: there was nothing I didn’t like, apart from the murder, but without that, the story would’ve been very lacking, 😂

Overall: it’s a very entertaining read, well written a good set of characters to easily identify with. It was an enjoyable cosy mystery all neat and compact. Perfect for that journey or weekend away to read a book to its conclusion. I can recommend it, and I’m sure I’ll move on to the next one soon.

Tea Shop Cozy Mysteries, a Six Book Series.

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