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Book Review of Safe Haven, Rise of the Rams (Book 1) by Christopher Artinian

Where did I find it: on Amazon. I wanted to read an exciting apocalyptic book. Having read the author before, I went to see what else he had.

What I liked: how I was immediately plunged into the action. From the getgo the adrenaline pumped and I couldn’t find a gap to close the book to do something else. Loved the characters, Mike was a great book hero. The whole zombie story was page-to-page action. I also liked that they were called RAMS – all explained in detail.

What I didn’t like: hmm, can’t say there was anything really. Perhaps the scary thought of – what if this happened?

Overall: I loved the high-adrenaline ride of Safe Haven. The story is exciting and entertaining in every way. Apocalyptic, zombie, and series lovers, will adore this, especially as it’s all in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. It puts a different spin on the traditional zombie story. Highly recommended.

My Review of Book 2

There are ten books in the series.

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