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Book Review of Safe Haven, Realm of the Raiders. (Book 2) by Christopher Artinian

Where did I find it: this is a new series and after reading the first book, I had to read the next because it was so good.

What I liked: that we continued the story with the same characters. Again, it was adrenaline packed. Mike, and his sister Emma get into a lot of tight situations. As long as you accept that Mike is superman, and go along with it, you’ll enjoy the story. One thing Artinian does well is multiple characters and viewpoints. This was no exception.

What I didn’t like: the formatting, it was distracting. Also, several paragraphs didn’t separate points of view, and that made it confusing in places. The other thing I didn’t like was that the storyline became darker, and gorier. Mostly that some of the men lost their humanity and treated women as sex slaves. I found it uncomfortable reading.

Overall: the author is a prolific writer, and a master storyteller. Even though in places it was to hard read, I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to apocalyptic, and series lovers. It’s likely the next book will be even darker, and this is probably as far as I’ll go.

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This Book Is Part Of A Series

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