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Stories of Things that Hardly Matter

I’ve always found true stories as fascinating as fictional ones. Sometimes even more so, simply because they are true.

I’m sharing a little story that might only be interesting to me.

I’m lucky that my husband buys me flowers every so often, and at the weekend he bought me these. But it is the vase that’s the subject of my story today. Take a closer look.

It’s nothing special and is a solid heavy glass, and second hand. I’ve no idea about it’s life before it came to me.

In October 1979 we were fortunate to get a council flat and we brought our wedding forward from April to February. The flat was completely empty except for this vase. Its travelled with us around the four houses we’ve lived in during our forty three years together.

It’s held many flowers, just because blooms, get well, birthday, and anniversary floral displays. Everyday when it holds something beautiful, it always gives me pleasure.

Do you have anything little that gives you pleasure but feel it’s hardly worth talking about?

4 thoughts on “Stories of Things that Hardly Matter”

  1. For me, it’s a Temptone pot & pan set I bought when I was a teenager for my “Hope Chest.” That set has seen many moves and when my house was flooded and I lost almost everything, I was so relieved when it survived. It’s the little things, as the say.

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  2. It is a lovely vase and so practical. I find most vases are either too small or too big. I have a wonderful, clear glass bowl, perfect for a trifle, that was a gift for my first wedding over 50 years ago. The marriage didn’t last but that bowl has moved with me many times and is now in Spain with me and my husband of 46 years. It has held many trifles!!

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