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Hot off the Press #2

News from Karen’s Writing Desk

Each month end, I’ll send out my hot off the press news as a newsletter. They are never complete without a few selected books from other authors. These will always be ones I’ve read and enjoyed.

Since my last update, I have completed the first draft of A Hand to Hold. It’s story about finding love as an elderly person. I’m also determined to get the rewrite of Joanna’s Journey done, and immediately follow it up with Joanna’s Destiny. They are both novels that have been unpublished for almost two years now. Between those two, I’ll work on the second draft of A Hand To Hold,

I’ve four books waiting to be edited, Play the Game, a romantic novella that has been there longest, and Distant Time has had one edit, and in line for a second. That one is still awaiting its cover. The Sound of Evil and The Ghost on the Stairs are the second and third books in The Cassidy Newbold Clairvoyant Collection and awaiting their turn.

I also write regularly on a variety of subjects both on here and the Norns Triad Publications blog. These articles are linked to our newsletter, of which I’m very proud because it’s more of a magazine for bibliophiles.

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Norns News

Our editors are still working hard on getting up the books of our new authors. Julie puts together the newsletter twice a month, and Sahara has been posting new items on our Your Tube channel. If you like crystals and rocks, you’ll find those there too.

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Here are this months book recommendations:

All she wanted was a loving mother. Instead, she got a monster.

After a horrific childhood, Tiffany cannot wait for her eighteenth birthday. However, her tyrannical mother is unwilling to relinquish control. Relying on years of lies, she convinces everyone her daughter is self-harming and should remain in her care.

Tiffany must prove she is of sound mind to earn her independence, but how can she from inside a mental ward?

A missing couples report and a mutilated body.
Two years apart, same house.
Coincidence or something more sinister?

When Lt. Flynn lands a missing couples case, he finds no evidence of anything amiss. There are no signs of a struggle or foul play. The only clue lies in a dog-eared notebook, but is it true?

Two years later, a mutilated body is found in the same residence. Lt. Carter is assigned the case, and now, he’s faced with a life-altering decision. Can he afford to ignore the evidence that Sgt Alvarez reveals to him – the same evidence that led to his partner’s disappearance?

How many people will die before Carter brings the truth to light? Who will believe in the existence of a genetically manipulated monster?

What happened to Edward Wallingford? His great-great nephew William is determined to find out.

England 1935.
Edward Wallingford, an artist, is on a solitary walking tour of the West Country. To recuperate from pneumonia, he wants to walk, paint and enjoy the countryside. When he stops at Claeg, a village in Dorset, he visits Marston Castle on the outskirts of the town. He becomes fascinated by Rose Marston who, with her two sisters, owns and lives in their family’s castle.

England Present Day.
William Wallingford has always heard tales of his great-great uncle Edward who disappeared on his walking tour in 1935. When Will’s mother discovers a letter written in Edward’s hand telling his family that he was in Claeg and intended staying at the castle, both Will and his mother are intrigued.

William, a professional photographer, has some free time between assignments, and determines to discover what happened to Uncle Edward. Why, when he went missing, could no one find any trace of him?

Will travels to Claeg and stays at the Clay Cutters Arms where he meets the owners, Natalie Pickering and her father.

Will soon hears local rumours that young men visiting Claeg disappear from time to time.

With Natalie’s help, Will meets a local witch, uncovers an unbelievable truth and nearly dies for love.

Jade had been sheltered most of her life. Living in an isolated village with only sex and drugs to entertain. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father doesn’t give a damn.

Her only way out is to beg her Aunt to allow her to stay as a guest in their London house.

Jade meets fate head on in the form of a gang leader, Marcus, president of the Tyrants. She finally finds a family that loves and respects her and they are not BLOOD. Nothing comes easy to Jade and she is forced to fight to keep her title and status. Then just when life starts to go right, one-night changes everything.

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