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Book Review – Chasing the Sunrise by H. A. Robinson

Where did I find it: on Facebook when the author posted the image below.

What I liked: that the story was told by the main character, Tom. All the narrative was from his point of view. That mean we got to know exactly what he was thinking. What I found fascinating was the front Tom put up. He was a confident happy boy who wanted to be friends with everyone. But on the inside Tom was constantly afraid of revealing his true self. It was beautifully written, poignant and moving.

What I didn’t like: that ugly world, bullying. It’s haunted me because I didn’t see it at the time. I thought it was just the antics of boys when in fact it was much more. Also, there was scene at a party that was totally humiliating for poor Tom – and riveting reading. I felt so sorry for him. What his friends did was wrong, but for the right reasons, just the wrong place. I was totally transfixed with the tense situation.

Overall: it’s an emotional, tender, and poignant read. A lot was moving in ways I hadn’t thought about. Initially, I didn’t think the story was for me but couldn’t have been more wrong. This story is for everyone because love has no boundaries, and young love is sometimes bitter sweet.

This is the second book of The Colwich Lake series.

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