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2022 Best Book of the Year

In 2021, I read fifty two books. This year it’s over seventy.

I’ve read a good mixture of genres from crime to fantasy, from apocalyptic to romance, science fiction, to young adult and even horror.

I’ve read one anthology, one story collection, and one non-fiction. Nine, from different series and two cosy mysteries. Several from authors I’ve read many times before, and some I’ve only just discovered.

As always it’s been difficult to choose and in the end romance won out for first and second place. Third, is the first book of an excellent apocalyptic series.

My Review of Catalyst

Such a worthy winner that combined romance with crime and thriller. An ordinary girl meets and falls for a mafia crime lord.

My Review of Boy Meets Girls

The leader of a rock band on tour finds himself alone with a stranger who is about to give birth. Beautiful characterisation and prose. I fell in love with the story.

My Review of Salvation

When an asteroid wipes out the earth people take refuge in bunker. Life below ground is regimented and harsh. A group escapes to see if they can salvage the world above and build a new civilisation.

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