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Looking Back on 2022 and forward to 2023

At the end of 2021, I had made my decision to remove and rewrite all of my books. As there were fourteen of them, I knew it would be a big task.

One Christmas came out in December, it dealt with bereavement, and learning to live and love again. Copies flew off the shelf and many people said how much it resonated with them.

However, with my publisher’s guidance, one of my books played out slightly differently than I intended. It became a trilogy, and a paranormal, crime thriller. The Killer on the Heath is available now, and has had some good reviews. The Sound of Evil, and The Ghost on the Stairs, will be published early next year.

Play the Game will hit the shelves first. This is a romantic story that deals with anxiety, homelessness, bullying, and finally love.

After that, there is small time travel story called Distant Time. It goes back to the past where things go horribly wrong for Julie.

I’m working on a my novel Joanna Journey, and writing One Easter. This is the next book in The Anglesey Stories, which began with One Christmas.

Short stories have always been my first love. Because I’ve filled my time writing books, these little gems get pushed to the back. However, I did manage three brand new ones this year,

The Séance, A Halloween Story

The Lure of The Snake

The Gift Box

And a couple of 100 word stories – Allan and David.

Coming Home is an anthology due out early 2023 in which The Lure of the Snake will appear. Plus in 2021 I wrote a story especially for Coming Home called Two Hearts Forever Entwined. It’s a poignant love story with a bit of time travel and fantasy.

Overall, 2022 had been a good year. 2023 should see me get more of my books back up and published.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back on 2022 and forward to 2023”

  1. You accomplished a lot last year! Well done. It sounds like you’re on the right rack. All the best for the coming year with lots of writing, reading and fun!


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