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Books I read in December

This month I decided Christmas reads would be a fun thing to enjoy, and it was. All but one had the festive season tied up nicely.

Saved by Love at Christmas was a new release. I’d read one of this author’s book before. She writes pure romance well.

My Best Christmas Ever was a short story and new release by an author I’ve never come across before.

Christmas Magic at the Writer’s Retreat was by one of my well loved and read authors.

Snow Leopard at Christmas, a short and interesting read I picked up from Norns Triad Publications, from a post that shared Christmas themed reads.

Talia Hunter’s No Ordinary Christmas, another new to me author, was a delight. A well written story that made me chuckle. This is another I picked this up from a book selection on Norns Triad Publications.

Christmas Angel and Roasting Rob, both by Rose Bak, were quick festive reads. The former gets top marks for a beautiful cover.

The Cuckoo’s Calling, my only famous author among them, and is the start of a new series I like to read. It was a very large book with nothing Christmassy in it!

I’ve enjoyed posting my monthly reads and counting them up to see what ai’ve achieved. In total I completed seventy-two books since the beginning of January 2022.

This year, I’m going to do something new instead, so this is the last one. .

See which, out of all the books, was my favourite with Book of the Year. I’ve also awarded second and third places, too.

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