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My Review of The Dark Tide by Simon McCleave

Where did I find it: I used the local library’s ebook app for the first time. I came across it, and immediately zoned in on the word Anglesey on the front cover. I hadn’t heard of the author before, but quickly realised he was a famous writer.

What I liked: walking in the steps of the character’s – literally. I knew most of the places mentioned and was able to visualise just where they were. I also liked his artistic licence. In one of the small inland villages the action takes places at a Convenience Store that doesn’t exist in real life. There were other little things and that also made it fun to read.

What I didn’t like: the police went to interview a suspect called Martin. The name swapped twice to Michael who was a different character. Also, at the beginning, one of the detectives was handsome and bald. At the end of the book, when everyone got soaked in the rain, his hair was plastered to his head.

Overall: this is a great book with multiple character viewpoints. The writing and storyline is exciting and is he turning. It will appeal to all thriller and crime lovers. It won’t matter that you don’t know Anglesey like I do. You’ll just enjoy a tour round the island. I highly recommend The Dark Tide, and will probably go on to read the series.

This book is part of an exciting series of three.

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