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Book Review of In Too Deep by Simon McCleave

Where did I find it: This is the second book of what will be a four book series.

What I liked: that it was based in Anglesey with places that I knew mentioned. It’s a crime novel, with a touch of romance. Laura continues her new romance with Detective Inspector Gareth Williams. It is not romantic like the novels I tend to read because their relationship takes second place to the case in hand. Laura rejoined the police force at the end of the first book. In this one, she goes straight into an intriguing new case, one that involves the IRA and two bodies.

What I didn’t like: I can’t say there was anything that I disliked. The reader is fully immersed into the story with no editorial distractions.

Overall: it was an enjoyable police procedural book. Oh, and another think I liked is that author uses a lot of jargon, some I knew, others I didn’t. But each one is follow by a sentence to say what it means, so there is no confusion or stumbling over the writing because the reader is unable to follow the storyline. For readers who love detective stories with murders to solve, them this is perfect.

A Four Book Series.

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