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My Review of Christmas Angel by Bak

Christmas Attraction

Christmas Angel is a short story about meeting an old flame. The one thing I like about Rose Bak books, or at least the ones I’ve read so far, is the age of the characters. You are literally never to old to fall in love and there is life after a broken marriage.

Juan knew he loved Angelina and just before her marriage to another man, he pleads with her not to go through with it. Twenty years later they meet up again. Can they rekindle their love? Of course they can, but they don’t know that yet.

Reading about the attraction of two people and see them finally come together is always enjoyable. Even nicer when it’s Christmas.

I think those who like a shorter story with romance, and expressive love making will enjoy reading this too.


Twenty years ago, she threw his love away, but can they get a second chance?

When Angel attends her best friend’s wedding, she knows there’s no way to avoid the ‘man of honor’, Juan. The billionaire businessman is just as handsome and sweet as she remembered, but suddenly she’s seeing him in a whole new light. He’s no longer just her friend’s younger brother, now he’s all man. A man whose attention is fixed on her…

Juan had his heart smashed when Angel married another man after his proclamation of love. He thought he was over her until he saw her again. Now that Angel’s back in town and newly single, Juan is ready to take another shot at forever with the woman of his dreams.

Sometimes the best holiday gift is love.

“Christmas Angel” is a holiday short story in the “Good with Numbers Workplace Romance” world. Each book in the series is a steamy standalone featuring strong men and independent women finding love in midlife, meddling matchmaker friends and family, a little bit of humor, and a sweet happily-ever-after. Download the entire series today.

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