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Meet Meggy, Our Dog

Meggy was rescued in a police raid at puppy farm almost four years ago. Someone from a local charity accompanied them and brought two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels back across the country where, with a group of foster parents, they were cared for.

We’d had our home check and waited until a Cavi came up. Meggy came to us with a guessed age of four or five years. I now think she was considerably older than that. She reminded me of a statue when she arrived because she was so afraid to move, her big eyes us watched warily.

She was so scared of men when she first arrived, it took a lot, longer to trust my husband. It’s only in the last six months that she will sit beside him and even cuddled on occasions.

Eventually she settled and over the years more of her personality came out. Just recently she has been getting over excited at walk times. Yipping and running round in circles, just as a normal dog does. Previously she’d give a little wag of her tail.

At Christmas I had this photo commissioned and gave it to my husband. It’s a great likeness of both Meggy and our other dog Tilly, a four year old Yorkshire Terrier. He was delighted with it and Debbie’s Drawings has done a brilliant job.

I’m proud to say I am still her favourite person. Wherever I go, she goes. This is a new sleeping place while I am sat in the chair. I think you’ll agree she looks very comfortable!

3 thoughts on “Meet Meggy, Our Dog”

  1. Lucky Meggy, lucky you. We have two rescue dogs and it takes a while until they settle in and trust you, but they are wonderful companions. I love her resting spot.

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