Cult of Dracula #5 by Rich Davis

Karen’s Magic Review

In the pictures telling stories I give you my interpretation of the book I’ve just read. In this case the 5th book in the series. Although I recognised one of the characters, the cult leader, I wasn’t able to determine the girls, Lucy and Mina. Although the later was named in one of the speech bubbles.

The first picture shows me reading the book except I read it in my kindle app on my iPad. I also have a Kindle Paperwhite, but as the name graphic implies, it should be viewed in glorious colour to bring the graphics alive.

Next to that, I just wanted to show the wonderfully drawn pictures the story contains. So much detail and if nothing else, you will enjoy those, I did.

Moving across to lovers talking under a tree. This is what happens in one scene. Except it couldn’t have been more different. Part of the conversation was her wanting to kill him. But there is also, what I suspect is unintentional humour. He says to her: “Tell a woman a million times she’s beautiful, and she’ll never believe you, tell her she’s fat once and she’ll never forget it.’ That did make me laugh.

The bloodied hands just represent the scenes of blood and violence. There is an epic battle, depicted under the picture of the book. Many of phrases are shown in the final picture leads straight to it being continued as we head for the last book of the series.


No one escapes their past. Not even vampires.

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