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What Grabs You?

Norns Triad Publications consists of four authors of which I am one. We send a bi-monthly newsletter and I want to tell you why you should subscribe.

Most author newsletters consist of one author, news of their books and a handful of recommended reads. Here at Norns, we offer so much more!

  • Four authors, different genres
  • A great catalogue of over a dozen books
  • Special Features
  • Book Reviews
  • Exclusives
  • Blog Series
  • Holiday Reading
  • Recommended books by genre
  • Discounted and free books
  • News and gossip from each us
  • Books by J.M.Northup, Sahara Foley, Marnie Cate and me, Karen J Mossman
  • And much more

Our newsletter is also great on the eye because it is so colourful! We have our own designer who produces some great looking banners, some of which you can see below.

As a taster each month, I’ll post a few selected banners. See what grabs you, and enjoy!

Also in our April newsletter, you’ll find details of our new books. We release the news to our subscribers first, along with any special offers. This month we announced my new trilogy which is coming soon.

In the Clairvoyant Collection each book will be a 90-minute read or less. They will take readers on dark and sometimes humorous adventures with clairvoyant and empath, Cassidy Newbold.

“Because everyone is not wired the same,” Seb had told me. “Some people think what they are doing is okay. Plinth enjoyed the power it gave him. Being brought up by parents who didn’t give a damn and were probably cruel to the boy. It set him up for the man he would become, and the man he thought it was okay to be.”

The Killer on the Heath will be the first book to be released in the summer. We have some advanced reader copies (ARCs) available. This means you can have a free copy in exchange for leaving a review on the day it goes live. Please let me know if you are interested.

Book Description (subject to change):

Cassie, a clairvoyant and empath, is asked to help her brother, a detective, to find a killer. One girl is dead and another is missing.

By sheer coincidence, Cassie starts dating the missing girl’s brother, Pedro. He is desperate for news, but she can’t tell him she is involved in the case for fear of damaging their relationship. Unfortunately, she hadn’t counted on his mother for doing that.

Meanwhile, it is a race against time to save Pedro’s sister. With the killer in custody, can Cassie read the signs presented to her, and get to Chantelle before she dies of neglect.

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