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February is Birthday Month – almost everyday!

I am not very good at remembering what I had for dinner last week and I am utterly hopeless at maths and sometimes forget a name.

The one thing I don’t forget is birthdays and anniversaries. When I was in my late teens I bought a small birthday book and thought how good it would be to fill every page, after all it is someone’s birthday every day of the year.

I soon found out I didn’t need it, although dutifully filled it in at the time. Although not that useful when I keep remembering birthdays of someone I haven’t seen for twenty years!!

We all have a month that everyone’s birthday seems to fall in and mine is February. It was a ridiculous month when I look at the dates. Thankfully, people have fallen away for one reason or another, but there are still those I buy either just a card, or a gift as well. This is what it looks like:

February 1st, my Facebook co-writer who lives in Greece.
2nd, my late auntie and a foster sister, who I haven’t seen since I was ten.
5th, a boy I child minded back in the nineties.
6th is my niece – Send a card.
7th, the anniversary of some friends. Sister of a in-law aunt, long deceased.
8th, my nieces’s partner – Send a card.
12th, my brother’s wedding anniversary.
15th, my children’s birthday, my cousin’s birthday, my adopted sister’s birthday – Send Cards!
21st, another cousin’s birthday, my daughter’s friend’s birthday.
23rd, our wedding anniversary – Send him a card!!
25th, my long deceased mother in law’s birthday, and another friend who is now divorced anniversary.
27th is my nephew’s birthday – Send a card.
28th, an ex neighbour’s birthday – Send a card!

You must have a month like that, and you must have a date where so many birthday’s all occur on the same day!

Facebook remembers, have you noticed? They always tell you whose birthday is happening and coming up. If I write all those in my book, I would surely fill ever page.

It is lovely to have a card drop through your letter box on your special day. To know someone is really thinking of you and has gone out especially to buy for you and take the time to write a nice message. Don’t let the internet take over. Do something nice.

On the 21st February 2018, I released Joanna’s Journey. You have admit, she is beautiful isn’t she? She is on Kindle Unlimited and it is the first in what will eventually be a trilogy that follows the life and times, and boyfriends of Joanna.

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