Romance, Thriller

Chasing Caitlyn by Marnie Cate

Which is more important – wreaking revenge or finding peace?
Caitlyn’s life is altered by the death of the father she idolized and further broken by a tainted prom night. These are triggers that begin her path of self-destruction. When happiness finally seemed attainable, she learned that her beloved husband isn’t who he appeared to be. This is the catalyst that forces the passive woman she’s become to no longer remain silent.

The past year had been full of lies, deceit, and revenge. All of it had changed me. It made me cold. The need to win drove my actions.

They say revenge is best served cold, but at what cost? In the end, Caitlyn must make a choice. Should she become the vengeful woman she’s plotted to be, or can she walk away for a fresh start?

Marnie Cate’s Chasing Caitlyn is remarkable read.
An emotional story about a strong woman. Courage, hope, love and bravery are perfect words to describe what this is about.

And from the author:

I loved this book. It is the first book in The Broken Girl Trilogy. Once I had read about Caitlyn, I had to read the other two. They are each standalone, but each of the other characters appear in each book. It made me smile because I knew their story, but if you didn’t, it would matter. You can read my review here.

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Marnie Cate

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