Crime, Thriller

A New Summer’s Garden, by Paul White

Karen’s Review

This is a great read that has a bit of everything, crime, murder, and humour. Something the Paul White is good at.

In my pictures telling stories above, I try to find an image to match the story I’ve read.

The first picture is Sam working in the garden of the house of Rachael and Peter. The second shows the card game that causes Sam so many problems. Rachael seduces Sam, and there is a murder. A fancy hotel where a story twist takes place, and the last picture represents the house where Sam can’t believe his luck.

What I liked about this story was the humour as well as the twists and turns.

The only negative thing I can say is that I wanted more!

This is a great fast-paced crime caper which had me laughing out loud in places.

This book will appeal to all readers. It’s a fun, entertaining read, full of sex and sass.

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