Crime, Thriller

A New Summer’s Garden, by Paul White

This is a fun read that has a bit of everything. Sex, crime, murder, threat and a whole lot of humour. Something the Paul White is good at.

Sam tells the story and as in the first photo, down on his luck with no money, he gets a job as a garden for the very beautiful Rachael. This is where he gets more than he bargained for in the next picture down. He is a full blooded male and unable to say to no, and why would he?

Things are not straight, as who should walk in on them whilst they are together? Peter, her husband. Now this was the scene that made me laugh out loud. It should have been awful and embarrassing, but no, because Peter wasn’t alone. His face was glued to someone else’s. What follows is just as funny as Rachael turns on her husband accusing him of cheating on her. Sam looks on in amusement.

Peter though, is not amused and arranges a poker game for Sam with ‘the Russians.’ He loses badly and now in debt. But Rachael has a plan and it involves a murder. This takes Sam to a posh Italian hotel to do the deed, except Rachael hasn’t been completely honest and neither has Sam, in a twist upon a twist. Just one of them returns back to the luxury home in the last photo.

A fun, entertaining read, full of sex, sass, mayhem all done very tongue in cheek!

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