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World Leprosy Day

31st January is World Leprosy Day. World Leprosy Day seeks to increase public awareness of leprosy, a chronic infectious skin disease. The day also helps to debunk common myths associated with leprosy. You can read more about it here.

As soon as I saw the day it reminded me of a school project I did back in the early seventies. I loved doing projects, collecting information and presenting it. I wrote to the Leprosy Society for a pack that I could use. I waited for ages for it to arrive and it never did. One day I found it in my Mum’s top draw.

What I was going through her drawers for I don’t know. I wasn’t in a habit of it. What it was doing there, I had no idea. I thought it so peculiar that she didn’t give it to me. I took it to her and asked her why she hadn’t given it to me. She said she forgot. I never believed her, and I never found out why. When I asked her about it thirty years later, she couldn’t remember the incident. Just one of those mysteries that will never be resolved now.

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