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Best Reads of 2020

Magic of Stories has finished 2020 and now telling you about the magic of stories read over the year with my favourite reads. According to Goodreads, I read a total of 50 books. A story is not a story without the details and I’ll give you the outstanding moments for each of these.

Chaining Daisy
A blockbuster of a story. Daisy being rescued by her friends from her brutal husband. I was warned I would need tissues for this powerful story and I did! This book has everything, friendship, love, betrayal, revenge, and just pure heartbreak.

Sam’s Song – She is so flawed, there is something alluring about her. This is the first of the series, and it was such an easy and fulfilling read that you could finish in a weekend. I really associated with the main character, who professionally was very good, but as the story is told in the first person, the reader is privy to her doubts and fears. First of a whole series. I went on to read another three.

Claimed by Nicolai
I wasn’t a fan of science fiction until I read this. I loved the fact that it starts out as a normal book. A girl trekking with her dog in the forest, something loves to do when suddenly she is kidnapped by a strange man. Her reaction when she awakes to find herself on a space ship with a big hot looking and scary guy, is exactly how you would react. I have never liked science fiction because of the unpronounceable names and complicated other worlds. This is none of that. Everything is fully explained and the worlds because real. Fantastic story, I loved it and went onto read the next one. I eagerly await the third due out very soon.

Chasing Caitlyn
A bad start in life takes Caitlyn on an emotive journey through life as she plans her revenge. But the story is not about revenge, its about a girl coming to terms with what happened to her and how she is determined to make the best of it of her life. Caitlyn doesn’t hate everyone, she is generous, even thought people are not necessarily generous to her. The ending is powerful and wonderful, and I don’t think I will ever forget it. Two other books follows in the trilogy, and I love how each character makes a brief appearance in the others books, too. They are all stand alone and can be read in any order. I preferred to read then in order, that way I got a kick out of seeing the name of someone I already knew and loved.

Cocktails, Wedding Bells, ad Summer Madness
This story had such feel good factor about it. I loved the main character Rose, and her cosy, normal home life. Where as other girls wanted to hit the town, she was content with her pyjamas and a good book. I related to her in many ways. When an old friend turns up and announces she is getting married in Spain and they were all going to have a holiday there first, Rose is worried because she can’t say no. She ends up having a wonderful time and there is a scene in a nightclub that sums it up perfectly. It is funny and fun at the same time. Like all good books, Rose finds romance. The title absolutely sums up what this book is about. A really good summer read.

The 11:05 Murders
This story disturbed me in a way I have never been disturbed by a book. Totally different from the above as it is a crime novel. It is part of a series although it can be read alone. By this, the third book I had become invested in the detectives having got to know them and like them. What disconcerted me so much was they way they all changed and began completely acting out of character. Even the mild manner Chief Inspector Sheenan was shouting nastily at it wife. It seem ed they had been cursed. When they were told they didn’t believe it. I now always have this vision of them sat in a circle being exorcised. Incredible story tell!

If Only She Knew
This is debut novel of this Louise Mercer and I loved the setting of it. Laura inherits a B&B in the east of England, and soon runs into trouble with the local vet, who she finds very rude. The scene that sticks in my mind was a blind date which goes terribly wrong and leaving me in fits of laughter! Another good summer read.

Love Ever After
This is an anthology with some truly brilliant stories. If you are a regular reading of this blog you might have heard me singing its praises before. The one story that stood out was First Contact by Paula Acton. I thought I was getting the story of a teenager walking out of her house because of a row, everything was as over dramatic, but there was one helluva twist that I would never have dreamed of and did not see coming. Wow! Is all I can say.

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