Her Silent Shadow – a big book for a tiny price!

She sat motionless…
…her body tense with anticipation.
What happened next nearly stopped her heart.
In this world, nothing was as it seemed. There must be someone who pulled the strings, but it was hard to say who was behind the plot. She had to focus. Nothing else mattered. She needed answers.
But at what cost?
If she continued…
…she might never get to sleep.
That’s what happens when you start reading this anthology. You’ll be transported into 13 different worlds of intrigue and suspense. Each page will make you continue to the next, because these Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling story tellers are masters of their craft.
What hides in the shadows?
Sleep can wait.
You’ll love the hours of joy from reading these stories, because the twists, turns, and richly imagined characters will stay with you for a long time. Isn’t that what a good book is supposed to do?

Available now for preorder
(Preorder price is only 99c in the US and 77p in the UK at the time of print.)

Authors of Her Silent Shadow: A Gripping Psychological Suspense Collection include:

Edwin Dasso
Judith Lucci
Kevin Tumlinson
Chris Patchell
Casi McLean
Mark David Abbott
Innge-Lise Goss
Eric J. Gates
Tim Chapman
Tanya R. Taylor
Lucinda E. Clarke
Eric Blumenson 

You can also find the book on Bookbub where you can follow the authors.

Rukia Publishing US

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