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Caravan Holiday Homes

I read this by author Carole Parkes about her caravan. It looked delightful and a perfect place to escape the world.

My parents had a static caravan for most of their lives, and that enabled us to take our children for holidays by the sea.

In later years we had our own, which sat virtually on a beach within its own garden. It really was home from home and just like Carole did with hers, we renovated it to our taste.

Now we live on the island of Anglesey and there was no need to keep it on. I think about it from time to time and the wonderful happy times we had there.

Do you have a holiday home? I’d love to hear how special it is to you.

Our caravan and the view of the bay we had.

Carole’s article that inspired me to write this.

via Holiday Home Highs and Lows

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