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A Good Man, Really!

My husband is a good sort and does his best to do the right thing.  We went away for the weekend and I stayed on an extra few days. I gave him a bag of washing to take home, not expecting him to wash it.

Arriving back, I noticed the radiators were full of washing, even though it was the height of summer and they were never on. I also noticed the white pillow-cases were blue. The clothes maiden was also full – of creased clothes. It looked like he had thrown them on and some were stacked on top of each other. My tea-towels were all now a pale blue.

The bedroom curtains were closed in the mid afternoon and the kitchen, well the kitchen was full of breadcrumbs. He’d made his sandwiches for work and hadn’t cleared up. Unwashed cups lay in the sink and the previous night’s dinner has turned to a crust on the plate.

The bathroom had lines of toothpaste on the tap and blobs in the sink. The top of the basin had streaks of white tide-marks and I won’t even mention the toilet.

When he arrived home from work, he gave me a big smile. “I did the washing for you!”

He had no idea why I stomped from the room.

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