Elementals by Sydnie Beaupre

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On Calliope’s first day at Maywood Crest Boarding School, she crosses paths and becomes friends with a mysterious fivesome of students; The angsty Greyson and his bubbly twin Emma, shy computer geek Gage, outspoken activist Lex , and her brother the always-tired Hunter. who is the oldest that takes care of them all like a mother and father. Upon becoming friends with them, Callie starts to notice something strange about them all, especially Greyson, and eventually she finds out the truth; they’re ex-government test subjects and each of them can control an element.
Callie also learns something magical about herself – she’s a natural born Elemental, unlike her friends, who were all created in a lab.

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Karen’s Magic Review

I recently joined a group on Facebook for highlighting books that have little or no reviews, and importantly, getting sales. I always try to support Indie Authors because it is a hard world for getting sales and reviews.

Reading for pleasure is my primary goal. I review every book I read on here, Goodreads, Amazon, and Book Bub.

Although I want to support other authors, I am very selective about what I read. There were lots of interesting books going up, and we are asked to read and review within the month. At the moment I have the next two books lined up, so I didn’t want to commit to reading a full novel. So I suggested we have a post for ‘Shorts’. I write shorts, and I need more readers and definitely more reviews. So I offered Distant Time.

I love books I can read in a weekend; it satisfies my need to always have a book on the go. If you can help, please download Distant Time, and if possible, a review would be gratefully received! In fact, I would be absolutely thrilled.

In this group, A Novel Review you exchange books by buying the one above your post, I bought another to read and review.

To be honest, after reading the description it is not generally the type of thing I would go for. It is only forty pages long, so whatever it was like I could keep my part of the bargain to read and review it.

It turned out I did enjoy it. It was the perfect length. It reminded me straight away of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, about a group of friends who go to school together.  As it’s based in the US, their schooling is very different to ours in the UK. That in itself made it interesting and although I had initially read the description, I’d forgotten what it was about by the time I opened the book. (Not unusual for me!)

The story began with a new girl joining a school, and for us in the UK, this is more like a sixth form or college. She soon gets in with a group, an eclectic mix of interesting kids. That’s another thing I discovered, Americans tend to call under twenty-one-year-olds kids, whereas in the UK, kids are generally under ten!

However, I digress, the ‘kids’ in this story kept me turning the pages as I was intrigued to see who they were and what they could do. There was an element of mystery about them. The author drew the characters really well and each one could have a story to themselves.

Fans of Fantasy and people with magical powers will love this story. I may even read the next one as it is also another short.

I want to find out more about the authors of the books I read and unfortunately, there is no bio at the end of this one and nothing about other works written. So I checked Amazon, and there is nothing on the author page either.

I would recommend giving this a read, and please leave a review as well. It is so sad to see a book without any reviews. Having said that, this one is brand new, only published on 1st August, so please show it a little love and support a new book.

Book 2

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After her fight will Shel, things fell into place for Calliope. Her and Greyson started going out, Shel stopped being such a major witch with a b, and most importantly, the government doesn’t know about Calliope. Her very existence could put Greyson and their friends in extreme danger.
When new enemies arise from the unlikeliest of places, Calliope and company have to trust that nobody else has found out about their existences, and to do that, they have to put their trust in pure evil.

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