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Slop Buckets

By Karen J Mossman

Originally written in 2009 from a now-defunct blog.

I read in the Daily Mail how the government will issue everyone with a slop bucket for collecting foodstuff that is normally thrown in the bin. What a load of tosh.

(Says I in 2009. Food waste buckets is something we’ve had for a long time and are used to them now.)

Does anyone really believe what the papers say? My guess is that someone overheard a personal comment made by an MP and blew it up out of all proportion.

If they were really serious about it, then buy everyone an incinerator. I like to recycle where I can and when we had a new kitchen fitted; we bought one. Perfect, now all leftovers, peelings, etc go straight in there and the waste goes out of water pipe.

(We have since moved house and I remember it well. It was good, but forever getting clogged up. I became a dab hand at dismantling the pipework and cleaning it up.)

A slop bucket is like going back to the middle ages. Follow this link to read the article. – That was the original article and I think it was the name Slop Bucket that took me back to a revolting bucket my Grandad used in his kitchen. He put everything nasty in it, including his spit!




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