By Karen au Mossman

Have you heard stories from people complaining about a product and receiving a box of something in return?

From my blog in 2009.

If you don’t contact big companies when there is something to say, you get nothing, so I thought I would give it a go.

I occasionally do my shopping online and bought a box of green tea bags which I took to work and they tasted yuk.

On inspecting the packet, I saw in tiny writing underneath the words Green Tea – with a hint of jasmine.

Ugh! I threw out the box. If I’d have wanted a hint of jasmine in my green tea, I would have asked for it.

I went to Asda myself and to the tea shelf and chose one that said Green Tea in big letters. The following morning, I made myself a drink, and it had a horrible taste again – you’ve guessed it – with a hint of jasmine!

It is so easy to miss when standing at the shelf looking at the huge choice they offer. In fact, how many times have I bought Nescafe Cappuccino, only to get it home and see the little writing – unsweetened!

Asda took my letter very seriously, and I got a nice, if not slightly over the top reply in return. It expressed their sincere apologies that I wasn’t happy with one of their products and they would do their utmost to rectify the situation. To compensate, they said they would send me an Asda gift card.

So I was happy, until it arrived a week later, and saw it was for a £1.

Who said it pays to complain!


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