Psychological, Romance, Thriller

Falling For Katie by J M Ralley

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 10.20.32Description

A romantic suspense set in modern-day Scotland.

After a car accident, Katie Gowen wakes up in a house with a man she doesn’t recognize. Unable to remember anything about her past, Angus persuades her they are married. Held against her will, Katie struggles to come to terms with her predicament, but as they are snowed in, she can see no way out.

Returning to Gretna wasn’t on Finlay Gallach’s itinerary. Memories of an unhappy childhood still haunt him. However, the moment he opens the email from Katie’s father, he knows he’s in trouble. As a photo of Katie stares back at him, his heart breaks for the missing woman, and he vows to do anything to bring her home.

It becomes a race against time for Finlay to save her. But can Katie recover from her ordeal and allow the love to blossom between them?

Karen’s Magic Review

I’d had this book on my Kindle for a long while before I started reading it. I saw the author posting about it on Facebook and eventually decided to give it a try. However, I gave up after three chapters because it felt like I was reading Katie, the main character’s diary. There was nothing to pique my curiosity and make me suspect something was going to happen to her. I enjoyed the first couple of chapters as we learnt about her and the business but when chapter three was more of the same, I became bored.

This book has got some great reviews, it has a great cover, and the description is enticing. So when the time was right, I gave it another go and started from where I left off. At chapter four the story starts. Katie is kidnapped, her friends and family are frantic and it is a riveting and suspenseful read.

I was waiting for the love interest to arrive and when he did, I didn’t recognise him. He came across as a bit sleezy with his thoughts. The poor girl was going through hell with her kidnapper and he all he was thinking about was having sex with her. He eventually turns into a hero as rescues her.

Just when you think the story is nicely wound up, it continues at the pace of the first three chapters before suddenly taking off again with another twist to the storyline. Well told, very suspenseful and keeps the reader glued to the page. A twist to the tale I wasn’t expecting.

Overall, the action and thrills, along with the romance are all in there. The author knows how to pack a punch and you will enjoy it.

This is book two in the Romancing in Scotland series.  The characters from book one do appear and it doesn’t matter that you don’t know their story. The book can be read in any order and standalone stories.

If you are a fan of series, J M Ralley has more. Go over to Amazon , follow her and see what other great books she has.


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