Crime, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller

A Cold Dark Heart by Stephen Puleston

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 10.34.22Description

Drake’s most dangerous killer and shocking case yet…

Accident or murder…?

When eighty-nine-year-old Emyr Isaac is found dead in his home, Drake and his team initially suspect a burglary gone wrong.  Isaac was old, and his death was a tragedy, but it’s not a murder case…is it?

A grisly discovery…

Drake uncovers more suspicious deaths, all elderly victims, all seemingly innocent, but with one chilling connection.

A twisted killer…

If Drake’s suspicions are correct, they have a dangerous serial killer on the loose. Soon, the team realise that stopping this killer will require playing a dangerous game – how do you catch a murderer trusted by everyone?


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Karen’s Book Buzz Review

Absolutely loved this book. Real police procedure and detective work that is easy to follow and gets you right in at the action.

I belong to the Advance Readers Club, and always get a free copy of Stephen Puleston’s  books, usually just before they are out. So I have read most if not all of the Inspector Drakes series now. I’ve listed the reviews below.

I wasn’t too keen on the last one, Nowhere to Hide. I think it was the drug running, and that it was set in Deeside rather than on or next to Anglesey where the books are usually set. The previous one, Written in Blood, I loved, so I didn’t know what to expect this time.

However, I fell back in love with the Inspector Drake tales. A really good read as someone is killing elderly patients in their homes. A lot of the action takes place on Anglesey, so I was able to imagine where they were, something I love to do. One of the team is kidnapped and I was hanging on every word praying that they would be found safely.

Super book! Highly recommended! It is worth reading them all to get a feel for Inspector Drake, who is slightly unusual, and one I have come very fond of.

A Cold Dark Heart is on pre-order and will be released on March 20th. Please leave a comment if you’ve read the book. I would love to hear what you think.

Nowhere to Hide
Written in Blood
A Time to Kill
Dead on the Feet
Devil’s Kitchen

It’s well worth following the author on Amazon, he is a great writer!

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