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My Sweet GI by T. L.Wainwright

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 18.22.48Description

When a handsome WWII, American pilot called Teddy stepped into the local corner shop in search of candy, sweet and unassuming Jenny’s world went from boring to breath-taking.
But with war threatening to put an end to their budding romance, time together became precious, forcing them to live for the moment.
Was she just another stupid girl who had got taken in by a good-looking GI?
1940’s Historical Romance with Heat.
Contains language and descriptive scenes that are only suitable for the over eighteen/adult reader.

This WW2 historical romance originally appeared in the Help Our Heroes Charity Anothology in May 2018, which is now no longer available. When it was released back, it was switched to duel perspective and extended. So, if you’ve already read it as a short, don’t skip the beginning. Re-read from the start. It’s the perfect chance to get to know the characters a little better and find out what happened to this charismatic couple.

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Karen’s Magic Review

I was having a conversation with an author the other day about free books. She does a lot of her writing on Wattpad now because she feels people don’t want to pay any more. Nowadays they look for free ones instead. She was right, sales are very difficult to get, and she admitted she downloads a free books, too. It took me a moment of nodding in agreement at the difficult times for us writers when I realised, I was just as guilty. What the answer to that delimma is, I don’t really know. I lijke free books, I like to sell books as well.

That brings me nicely to My Sweet GI, which I found on my Kindle. I didn’t remember downloading it. I wondered whether it was a free book I’d picked up somewhere. On checking my Amazon orders, it was indeed free. I then went over to Facebook and typed the title into the search bar, and found this poster in a group.

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 18.21.53

I am so glad I picked it up again and read it in a couple of days. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Do you remember those war time series and films, We’ll Meet Again and Yanks? That’s what came to mind, and even though it has a .com image on the picture, the story is based in Yorkshire with some great Yorkshire local dialect. I presumed this was where the author comes from, although I could be wrong.

Pretty girl meets handsome GI, falls in love and then he gets deployed elsewhere leaving her heartbroken. Yes, we have read and seen that before but who doesn’t like a good love story? I  expected it to get a bit hot, and it did. Erotica wasn’t what I was expecting. There was no hint of it at the beginning. I was only slightly disappointed as I didn’t want a good story to disolve into a sex book.

It didn’t.

The story telling continued as it had done in the beginning with Jenny having to leave her village and go to Leeds where she gets a job with a family looking after their children. I spent a happy morning living in the big house with her ,and she and I didn’t forgot her handsome GI.

As we came to the climax of the story, where she takes another job, I had already guessed the ending. Was I right? I so wanted to be right, it kept me glued to the pages eagerly wanting to find out – and I’m not going to reveal whether it did or didn’t!

Overall, I enjoyed this book, and if you like a good story as well as a steamy romance, you’ll enjoy this one.






4 thoughts on “My Sweet GI by T. L.Wainwright”

  1. Great review. I love the cover. I also find books on my kindle from several years ago and wonder why I bought them. LOL.

    But, I seldom buy free ebooks. Usuly on sale or full price.

    There are two types of readers – freebie hunters and people who pay. You just got to find the ones willing to hand over their money. And there are a lot of them, but you got to advertise to get their attention.

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